Sistem Penilaian Pengajaran (e-SPP)
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:: e-SPP FAQ
1) I can not login to e-spp.
  Student : Please use student id and password for student webmail system.
  Lecturer : Please use lecturer id and password for staff webmail system.
  Other User : Please contact Pusat Kualiti dan Pembangunan Akademik (PKPA).
2) I can login but only show menu and blank content.
  e-spp system only open to dedecated schedule.
Please contact your faculties or Pusat Kualiti dan Pembangunan Akademik (PKPA) for the schedule.
3) Some my course is missing or not enrolled course exist on my course list
  Student - Please contact your faculties
Lecturer - Pusat Kualiti dan Pembangunan Akademik (PKPA).
4) How to use this system.
  User manual is provided inside e-spp system.
List of contact
  Academic and Internationalization Division
     Pejabat Am   : 09 - 668 4219
  Centre for Quality Assurance
     En. Ahmad Suffian Anuar   : 09 - 668 4225
     Pn Siti Mariam Awang Hamat   : 09 - 668 4412
     Cik Nur Amirah Amiruddin   : 09 - 668 4271